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Caribbean and Americas  Intellectual Property Organization,CAAIPO, is a not for profit organization registered under the laws of Jamaica, West Indies.


                                    Our Work


We partner with  International Organizations,Attorneys and scholars across the Caribbean,Latin America, and the world to provide you with the best options for your Intellectual property needs. 

We understand the business and

cultural norms of the region as well as the differences across the legal systems.


We provide thought leadership, roundtables,workshops, seminars, lectures and other training opportunities, giving guidance and leadership in the field of intellectual property to governments, private enterprises, non-governmental organizations, producers of traditional arts and craft, artisans, creative entrepreneurs, and all interested parties.


We provide mediation and conciliation services for disputants in the area of intellectual property.

We offer business services and technical advice in Intellectual Property.



                                                   Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization

with an established reputation of expertise in the new and ever increasingly important area of Caribbean Intellectual Property.We collaborate with governments, other international organizations, and individuals to promote the development of innovation economies in the region, to foster the greater use of IP rights  and to create jobs.






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